This Is Me Love Marie Mini Book Review +Launch Feature (Late Post)

I couldn’t be more excited when the prettiest face on Philippine Television, Celebrity/Endorser  Heart Evangelista,  announced on Instagram sometime last year that she was to launch a beauty book. As a  Makeup Artist and a Lifestyle/Beauty Blogger, I’m dying to know all about her beauty secrets and finally through this book, my curiousity will be appeased! 

About the Book:


This Is Me, Love Marie is the very first beauty guide by a Filipino actress. As one of the country’s most beautiful faces, Heart spreads her get-pretty philosophy by sharing tried-and-tested makeup tricks, easy-to-follow skincare tips, basic beauty terms, and must-have beauty products.


 “Making the book was like writing in my diary and giving everyone a copy. Thirty years of everything I’ve learned.” -Heart Evangelista

(This should have been the book cover, she’s looks gorgeous even without any makeup on!)


Doodles and handwritten notes by Heart—who has also distinguished herself as an artist—add a dash of cute to the book’s pages. 


And with every turn of the page, readers are treated to photos of the radiant personality demonstrating her makeup and skincare know-how and proving that a little effort into taking care of your looks goes a long way.


The inspiration doesn’t end there—Heart gives readers even more tips useful to their lives by peppering the book with insightful messages and lessons on life and love she has learned in her many years living under the spotlight. With This Is Me, Love Marie, Heart motivates women not only to look beautiful, but to live their most beautiful life as well.

Personally, I had high expectations for this book. Given the title, This Is Me Love Marie, I thought it would be a whole lot more personal. But sadly, it isn’t much so. 

The tutorials on how she does her day/night makeup, a glimpse of her beauty   kit, a list of her holy grail products,  or at least a feature of her makeup artist sharing on how to achieve Heart’s  typical  look and the actual products he uses on her  – all the

essential personal details that could have made the book more special and worth buying

that I was expecting to see weren’t there at all! How could they miss including those? I don’t know! 

Rather, what This Is Me Love Marie is, is just a beauty book with tips and tricks that you have most probably read already on magazines and only made to look “personalized” with Heart’s pretty photos,  some tidbits about her, and, a few scribbles. Although, it’s an overall nice book, nakakahinayang lang coz it could have been better.

Still, the book is not a total waste. It is a pretty decent beauty reference guide for

makeup newbies who want to learn more about makeup and an entertaining read as well…

To all the Hearties (fans), don’t miss out on this, the photos alone are worth your P295!



I was given a chance to interview Heart during the book launch so I  got to ask her about the things that I really wanted know about. 

Heart is actually very nice and accommodating that I took advantage of it and requested if I could see her painted Hermes Birkin as well as what’s in her kikay kit (I will post about it next time..)!


Can i just say, ang ganda nya talaga! Not fair!!! 


Sorry I’m not sorry, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! 


Heart in H&MxBalmain (Photo by Ryan Ong)


(Photo by Ryan Ong)

*some pictures in this post are photo grabs from the  e-book version.

Thank you Summit Books for inviting me!

THIS IS ME LOVE MARIE is available for only P295 at all National Bookstore branches. A digital version is also available thru Buqo app.


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