PRODUCT REVIEW: Poncho Baby Organic Breastfeeding Cover

As if breastfeeding is not hard enough, doing it outside the privacy of your home can be quite daunting especially if you’re a new mom. I breastfed both of my kids, I still do actually. But with my eldest, I never nursed him  outside the comforts our home (except in his pedia’s clinic), because I find it, well, uncomfortable and inconvenient so I opted to just use a bottle when going out.

Now with the second one, I’m much more confident feeding anywhere, comfy or not, with the help of  my breastfriends Ktan andTula carriers, my scarf collection for cover, and now PONCHO BABY. 

I’m proud to say that in a week from today, we’ll be celebrating  my daughter’s first birthday as well as our first year anniversary of breastfeeding. I thank the Lord everyday for it’s  really through His grace that I’m able to breastfeed this long, 4.5 years and still counting. Praise God!

So anyway, I would like to introduce this great nursing cover that I’ve been using for the past few weeks, called PONCHO BABY.


Poncho Baby takes the idea of a traditional nursing cover and puts a bit of a spin on it.  It is the first nursing cover to cover both the front and back coverage with a bone on the neckline so you could see you baby while breastfeeding.  It is made of a lightweight cotton muslin fabric, and can be easily folded up to throw in your diaper bag.  The Poncho Baby nursing cover is so convenient to use.  It just goes over your head and the 360 degree coverage are met at once.

You may think that all nursing covers are the same. That as long as it does its job, ok na. Well, not for a meticulous mom like me.

What I like in Poncho Baby nursing cover:

– It that it covers both your front and back which gives you enough coverage for privacy. 

– Fashion-wise it also makes it look like you’re just wearing a very loose top rather than nursing unless they see your baby’s cute and chubble dangling legs like so…


– It  comes in two flattering styles with different pretty designs/colors.


Variants: Classic and Organic, Oval-shaped and square-shaped
Colors: Classic (black, navy, olive, beige, emerald)
          Organic (black, navy, olive, gray, pink, beige, emerald, Fiji, Sonoma, Newport)

– It has a flexible neckline so you can see your baby while nursing.

– It’s made of very light, organic cotton muslin. Which makes it ecofriendly, safe, and,

– Very breathable.  I love that my sweaty baby feels very cool and comfy while nursing.

-Best of all,  It is multi-functional.  I have used it as a blanket,  a stroller cover, and, an emergency diaper mat.


Sarap ng tulog thanks to the soft and snuggly cover/blanket

While I’m pretty happy with this nursing cover, I find that there’s still a room for a few improvements like:

-The pockets. I wish they were a bit more bigger. 

-Putting some security snap buttons on the sides just for extra privacy/security because they’re just too “open.” This is important if you have a fussy baby who doesn’t like to keep still while nursing.

-And lastly, is to make the neckline adjustable.  It’s a bit too wide for me that when my baby pulled it one time, my top part almost got exposed.

Overall,  I like this cover for it’s versatility.  I have used it as a milk pumping cover, diaper changing pad, as stroller cover to shield baby from the sun, and even as a poncho to keep me warm inside a very cold mall thus making it indispensable. I love it. But, I would  definitely still put some snaps on the sides ( definitely, not letting that one downside go…hahaha)!

By the way, aside from nursing covers, thePoncho Baby product line continues to expand and now features a variety of baby stuff such as:


BANDANA BIB – The stylish solution to keep drooling babies dry.  

ROLY BLANKET – Award-winning Organic Baby Blanket is perfect for outings, this breathable organic cotton blanket unfolds quickly to create a soft, clean place for babies to play and relax. When you’re done, the blanket rolls back up, closing up to be no bigger than a petite clutch purse. 

LOVEY BLANKYä – Just the right size and easily washed, this organic security blanket allows babies to chew, cuddle and clutch. It’s a “lovey,” it’s a hug they can take with them in the car seat, to day care or on trips. 

ORGANIC WASH CLOTH – This is the organic, modern version of a washcloth. Perfect for Baby’s bath—or for Mom, to remove her makeup and gently exfoliate and Dad after shave cloth. 

I’ll be reviewing the bandana bib next so watch for it.



Owner: Lyn Lazaro

Facebook: Poncho Baby PH

Instagram: @ponchobabyph


Mobile #: +639985442958u


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