Changing Hairlooks Is Safe and Easy As 123 With DIVATRESS

sponsored post but all opinions are mine

For TVC talents and Print models like me, changing looks from time to time is imperative to make you more marketable. Although there’s makeup that can help, a “no-makeup” look for VTRs and go-sees is much preferred thus it can only be used to enhance your features. You may opt for surgical enhancements but I think that’s too drastic and expensive, thus, your best option is to go for hair makeovers.

Changing hairstyles and color can instantly give you a new look. Depending on the cut, length, and color, you can  easily look younger or mature, sweet or fierce, conservative or aggressive – perfect for us talents and models.

However, salon hair makeovers can be very expensive and sometimes the procedures can be damaging. Of course if you have the budget by all means go for it. Be wary thought that  constant coloring, permanent perming/straightening, blowdrying, iron straightening or curling, and the likes can all damage our crowning glory.  So given all these, I feel that the best option is to use wigs.

I’m pretty sure you’re all aware that wigs now aren’t just for bald people or for theatre actors anymore but is now being used as a fashion statement, right? Kylie Jenner fans raise your hands!


So loving this Shake N’ Go Naked Brazilian Remy wig. FYI, this hair style is one of the trends in Korea!

In using wigs not only you can rock different hairstyles each day, which is both cool and fun, but more importantly it can save our hair from damages and  haircuts that have gone wrong (which by the way happened to me too many times).

For quality wigs, do check out  Divatress.


Divatress is a company that carries beautiful, quality wig online including hair weaves, and extensions.


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