Cinco De Mayo Themed Birthday

Baby girl turned 2 last March 25 and we had a little 2 in 1 party to celebrate both her birthday and dedication.

For non-Christians, a Dedication as per Victory Christian Fellowship’s description, is “an event where parents declare their faith in front of their families and friends as they dedicate their children, committing to raise these children up in Godly principles, parenting them according to the word of God.”  It is in a way like the Catholic’s baptism sans the water baptism as  children are yet able to make a profession of faith in Jesus Christ.


Now for the details…




We chose a venue first before deciding on a theme and we went for La Maripili in Alabang Town Center as it ticked of all the things that we wanted for an intimate party venue such as food, proximity, aesthetics, and parking. Moreover, La Maripili is easy to work with if you have a limited budget. The owner, Elena, even  personally helped me with the menu and chose “merienda” items that did not only fit my budget but more importantly,  made the guests happy as well.

Will I recommend the place as a party venue? Maybe, for the food and ambiance perhaps. But I wasn’t overly satisfied with the service. During the planning,  they promised to close the place up by 2pm and help me in setting up,  yet on the day of the event, the owner still kept on entertaining walk ins that ended staying way past my event the time of the event. Which means,  my guests  were already arriving and set up wasn’t done yet because they couldn’t make their customers leave,  I didn’t get all the help I needed, and, we were all cramming to finish decorating.

Theme and decors:

I chose Cinco de Mayo because it perfectly fits the restaurant’s “Churreria” concept and interior.

For the decorations, we had a lot of succulents (thanks to Ninang Anj), some bougainvillea (which a neighbor gladly supplied for free), paper lanterns, Christmas lights, and, we DIY-ed some mini pinatas, watercolor table arts, and papel picado. Special thanks to Ninangs Anj and Joyce:




I’m so proud of my diy-ed papel picados. Ang hirap nyang gawin ah! But look how it made the place looks so festive! 


This one also, soo hard to make epecially because they’re teeny tiny ones. It’s super tedious I only managed to make 4 kasi last minute ko na naisip gumawa!


Bougainvilleas c/o my in-laws friendly neighborhood!

In lieu of a candy buffet, I just set up a mini snack bar which also serves as the cake table and backdrop all in one. Unli nachos and popcorn, baby!






I commissioned Addie’s Pasteleria to make the “flowers and succulents” cake. It was a 2-tier (8″ and 6″) super pretty and uber yummy carrot cake.  The cake was moist and densed, exactly how I want my carrot cake. And the frosting, wasn’t cream cheese for a change, but man, super sarap!




Giveaway: Succulent plants 


Photos: I hired Elain Subido for the 2nd time already. The first time was for by nephew’s birthday and baptism too. Elain, as you can see, takes nice pictures and she’s great at capturing candid moments. She’s also very good in taking pictures of kids, knows how to make them laugh, and she’s very patient with them.

Dedication: Just like with my Eldest, Rafa. We got my brother-in-law, Pastor John Del Rosario to officiate and be Georgina’s ninong as well. Mabentang Ninong si Pastor John, kids love him!


Pastor John also known to my kids as their Uncle Jeyps.

Godparents praying for Georgina…



Despite foregoing the usual kiddie programs, it was still an overall fun yet meaningful celebration.


To know more about Christian child dedication, you may refer to this information from Oakwood Community Church.

If you want are a part of the Victory Christian Fellowship community and you want your child to be dedicated, please refer to this page.


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