Gorgeous Disney Princesses Costumes for Halloween or Cosplay

“A dream is a wish your heart makes……”

Hola bellas! I have an exciting fashion find that I want to share with all the women who never really outgrew their fascination with Disney princesses like me – DISNEY COSTUMES! Check it out…

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These gorgeous Disney costumes  are from a Japanese clothing company in Japan called Secret Honey which I chanced upon online when I was searching for costumes supposedly for our HK Disneyland trip last June. Although I really wanted to get one,  I held back because…… ANG MAHAL NYA…  For a costume that I would only wear one time in -Disneyland, para sa kaartehan! ;p

Take note, the price of the costumes ranges from P7000 to P40,000 (converted from yen), depending on how elaborate and how many pieces of clothing each set has.

In all fairness, the quality, craftsmanship, and attention to details of each piece of clothing are really impressive. The materials look and feel expensive. I know because they have a stockist in Hong Kong and I checked it out.

Just take a look at this 3-piece Beauty and the Beast “Little Town” costume that I’ve been lemming on:



Look closely how detailed each piece of clothing are…


Do you see the embroidery? There’s Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, and Belle, on the dress and Beast on the edge of the apron! So pretty, di ba? And you know how obsessed I am with embroidered anything.

If I remember correctly, this set costs P12,000. As I’ve said, it’s expensive. I’m hoping I could find a preloved that is at last half the price, then I’d really buy it for when we go to Disneyland Japan. If I have any reader from Japan, I would appreciate a lead, thanks thanks!

So bellas, what do you think? If money isn’t an issue, will you buy or would you rather DIY? Let me know in the comments.






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