The balcony is one of the most neglected part of the house, or condo, for the condo dwellers. More often than not, it is only used as a drying area, or, storage of  excess, unwanted, and unused things.  However, that little area can be a perfect hangout space or even a sweet spot for relaxation if you just spruce it up like so:


See? Now, can you imagine yourself reading a book there or having a nice cold beer after work, nice huh?

We ourselves are actually in the middle of doing  a makeover. The facade of our building is currently being repainted and after, we plan to fill it with more succulents and plants like these:

a9153d5328ee1fe1a4fa85d85554aa11 (1)

We really love hanging out in our balcony and the kids love playing there too. I just wish the construction beside our property won’t push thru because we have such a relaxing view. It really makes me anxious that there’s gonna be a construction site beside us. Shucks, there goes our peace and quiet.

Anyway, I bet now you can’t wait to give your balcony an upgrade too after seeing the photos.  Well, go and do it already.

Here, check  out  this video for more ideas. See which design fits your style best.

Hope you can share with me the result of your makeover.

Happy weekend, everyone!!


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